Product Care

e.b. jewelry is created with loving hands!




Follow these steps to keep your jewelry looking vibrant from year to year.


  • Store each piece of jewelry separately in either its original packaging or a soft pouch. Always hang your necklaces to avoid damage. 
  • Apply beauty products, such as perfume, hairspray, soap or lotions prior to wearing your jewelry. Beauty products may contain chemicals that interfere with the metal, crystals, leather or gemstones.
  • Remember to remove your jewelry prior to swimming, bathing, or cleaning with household chemicals.
  • If your jewelry requires cleaning, you may use a mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth to get rid of any debris. Never use jewelry cleaner as it is too abrasive for our metals. Rinse your jewelry with warm water after cleaning and make sure to dry before storing.
  • You may use a soft toothbrush to clean the crystals or gemstones in your jewelry pieces. 




Our leather comes from the finest and most luxurious hides. Each piece of leather has it's own distressed characteristics and we recommend following these instructions to keep your leather looking new from year to year.


  • Keep leather away from water.
  • We do not recommend using a leather spray as it may change the look and feel of the leather.
  • Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight, rain and snow.